Registered Agent & Talent Identification Specialist

Ascension Athletes is looking for a Registered Agent & Talent Identification Specialist (“Agent”) to lead recruiting and networking efforts while managing a portfolio of professional soccer player clients. The ideal applicant will possess a high level of understanding of the American professional soccer landscape, as well as strong interpersonal and organizational skills. The successful candidate will maintain a recruitment database, manage their clients competently and ethically, and take active steps to optimize professional relationships within the American and global soccer landscapes. 

Applicants with a technical background in soccer who are interested in transitioning to a career as a professional player agent are strongly encouraged to apply. 



  • Create and maintain a scouting and recruiting network among academies, colleges, and professional clubs
    • This will be achieved by attending matches and training sessions, watching film and tracking players and teams, and communicating and meeting with coaches, parents, scouts, front office personnel, and players
  • Manage the professional careers of recruited clients
    • This includes developing and maintaining a personal, supportive relationship with the client throughout their career, and taking an active role in processes such as contract negotiations, injury recovery, loan facilitation, and endorsement deals
  • Take an active role in learning the multitude of skills and knowledge sets necessary to build a successful career as a professional soccer agent


Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2+ years experience working within the U.S. soccer industry; technical experience at a professional level (e.g. coach, former player, scout) preferred
  • Demonstrated understanding of the American professional soccer landscape, particularly at the developmental level 
  • Self-motivated, with strong industry acumen to pursue opportunities efficiently and effectively
  • Empathetic, trustworthy, and compassionate. Committed to representing Ascension Athletes and presenting yourself in a personable, professional manner to players, families, scouts, coaches, and front-office personnel
  • Forward-thinking, with a passion for the growth of professional soccer in the U.S.
  • Fluency or familiarity with multiple languages
  • Geographic access to international or domestic regions outside of the Northeast/ Mid-Atlantic U.S. is strongly preferred

Travel, Time Commitment, and Compensation:

  • This position requires frequent (>50%) travel 
  • Aside from regularly scheduled communications with Ascension Athletes’ management, the day-to-day schedule is flexible and up to Agent’s discretion
  • Agent will be compensated on a commission basis with a stipend to cover time, travel, and other expenses


To Apply: 

Applicants should e-mail their cover letter and résumé to with the subject line: Registered Agent & Talent ID